José-Marcio Martins da Cruz

What I do

I'm a research engineer at CMM - a departement of Mines-ParisTech doing research in the domain of Mathematical Morphology.

Interested in...

Everything may interests me but, surely, I can't be an expert in every domain. Meanwhile, I'd like to, at least, understand the basics of each domain.

Some domains I'm curious and I try to follow in the last years are machine learning (very) and its applications (image processing, network security, text classification and data mining, …), statistics, performance evaluation, …

On the 'pratical' personal side, I practice photography. Mostly in black and write and, whenever possible, with old film gears (rolleiflex, hasselblad, leica, …). Take a look at my web site.

On the 'theorical' personal side, I'm interested mostly in anthropology, philosophy, arts in general (history, philosophy, practices, …)… Remember I said : I'm curious !!! Photography is just a way to practice anthropology.

Open source software

I'm the author of a open source software intended to filter messages (spam, …) at mail servers : ze-filter, previously named j-chkmail. Take a look at it …

Some publications



  • José-Marcio Martins da Cruz - SPAM - Classement statistique de messages électroniques, une approche pragmatique, Presses des Mines, Paris, Juin 2012.

PhD thesis

  • José-Marcio Martins da Cruz, Contribution au classement statistique mutualisé de messages électroniques (spam). Thèse de Doctorat, MINES ParisTech, Paris, octobre 2011.


  • J. M. Martins da Cruz, Détection d'anomalies réseau par apprentissage non supervisé - JRES 2015 - Nantes, 2015.
  • D. Verdin, L. Moindrot, J.M. Martins Da Cruz, D. Lalot, L. Veillon , Bonnes pratiques de gestion d'un service de listes de diffusion - JRES 2015 - Nantes, 2015.
  • L. Aublet-Cuvelier and J. M. Martins da Cruz, Les défis et les opportunités techniques du fonctionnement d’un service antispam mutualisé - JRES 2011 - Toulouse, 2011.
  • J. M. Martins da Cruz, Méthodologie d’évaluation de filtres anti-spam - JRES 2009 - Nantes, 2009.
  • G.V. Cormack and J.M. Martins da Cruz, On the Relative Age of Spam and Ham Training Samples for Email Filtering, SIGIR 2009.
  • J.M. Martins da Cruz and G.V. Cormack, Using Old Spam and Ham Samples to Train Email Filters, CEAS 2009.
  • J.M. Martins da Cruz, Le filtrage de mail sur des gros serveurs - JRES 2005 - Marseille
  • J.M. Martins da Cruz, sendmail X - la nouvelle génération de sendmail - JRES 2005 - Marseille
  • J.M. Martins da Cruz, Mail filtering on medium/huge mail servers with j-chkmail - TERENA Networking Conference 2005 - Poznan


2006 Sendmail Innovation Award - Open Source Contribution

EMEA Winner: Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz, Ecole des Mines de Paris for his contributions to libmilter (the library that implements the Milter protocol and provides the API to applications). This contribution delivered an alternative implementation of the threading model, providing improved performance for operating systems such as Linux.

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